Welsh Springer Spaniel

The Welsh Springer Spaniel is a very old established breed. The Welsh Springer can be reserved with strangers but as a companion should prove loyal and affectionate and competent hunting companion.


The Welsh Springer was developed for a specific hunting purpose before the invention and use of guns. His job was to find game hidden under cover, such as rabbit, partridge, or pheasant, and flush it out toward the hunter’s net or up into the air where it could be caught by the hunter’s falcon. The dogs needed to work in rough terrain, including brush thickets, marshland, rocky hills, and deeply plowed furrows, so they had to be sturdy while still being quick and agile. The Welsh Springer is a bit smaller than the English Springer, built solid and compact. The Welsh Springer was bred to “spring” game into the air in order to be captured with nets. They are a close ranging gun dog with an awesome nose, webbed feet helping them promote their versatility in the water. They are a naturally good retriever. These dogs were bred to work long hours, covering immense distances in extreme cold wet weather conditions. They are known for their endurance and stamina and to love to work.


The Welsh Springer is reportedly stubborn and highly intelligent requiring owners to start obedience training earlier then later.


The average height at the withers is 17 to 18 inches for a female and 18 to 19 inches for a male. The average weight is 35 to 50 pounds for a female and 40 to 55 pounds for a male.



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