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Coronavirus Halts Essential Upland Hunting Conservation Efforts


The conservation banquet season was about midway through its season when group gathering restrictions made meeting fundraising groups impossible. The financial impact is yet to be determined.


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CRP Grasslands Sign-up Open


Farmers and ranchers may now apply to enroll grasslands in the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) Grasslands sign-up. The sign-up runs through May 15


Dicks Sporting Goods Will Remove Hunting Goods from over 440 Stores



Ruffed Grouse Numbers Continue Decline

The Southern Maryland Chronicle reports that the continuing decline in Ruffed grouse in states such as Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia comes down to two primary factors; widespread loss of young forest habitat and deaths from the mosquito-borne West Nile Virus. Eighteen of the 38 states where ruffed grouse are native now list it as a species of concern!


Europe: Hunters over the age of 65 and all those who are listed as vulnerable persons cannot go out to hunt


The government said that the licences of hunters aged over 65 and those who are vulnerable were withheld.


Brad Dokken: Trio of Lake of the Woods Ruffed Grouse Society members works on improvement, trail projects while maintaining social distancing

Written By:  Brad Dokken | Apr 5th 2020


The Changing Landscape

An unlikely band of friends navigate a charging upland hunting scene.

By Andrew Spellamn, The Dominion Post


Where are all the pheasants? They Are Not in Kansas Anymore

In 2018, Kansas reported 340,000 birds harvested. The harvest is a long way from the long term 63-year average of 600,000 per annum. In fact, in 1982, hunters harvested over 1.1 million pheasants.

Where have they all gone?



Kansas CRP Participants Encouraged To Postpone Burns

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