The Steely Matrix

How to find the perfect hunting dog for you!

C.J. Steely is an expert hunting dog trainer and upland game guide with over 30 years of experience training and guiding bird hunters. C.J. takes an honest approach to his reviews to provide a real hunter’s perspective to his readers.  His trusted opinion is based on the gear he would use and or the hunting dog breed experiences he and his network of fellow hunters have. More than ever, upland game bird hunters have more gear to choose from, services to use and places to go hunt. Online capabilities provide access to upland game opportunities bird dog breed acquisition.


He maintains a love for the dogs and an honest perspective about his own experience with each breed. Follow his matrix below to find out which hunting dog would be best suited for you upland wants and/or needs.

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First, choose the primary Upland Bird species you hunt:

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