Red Setter/Irish Setter

The Red Setter and Irish Setter are the same breeds, the distinction being Red Setters are the efforts of upland game hunters and their respective breed organizations to rescue the Irish setter from improper breeding practices that were removing the breed’s hunting capabilities. The Red Setter is the result of their efforts. Today’s Red Setter is medium-sized, lean and well-muscled, red or chestnut, often with traces of white on the head, fore chest, and feet. Excepting it’s traditional American high tailed lofty stance, and application developed for American conditions, terrain, and game, it is very similar to its working Irish forebears.


Red Setters are not as soft as other setters but not as hard-headed either. Red Setters don’t composure during and after the flush- a high degree of intensity remains, as well as a stiff stature and straight tail. Red Setters are a very fast dog with big ground patterns. They are an excellent dog to hunt behind on horseback.


Irish Setters were originally bred to hunt waterfowl, so they are good swimmers and usually enjoy the water. Naturally sweet and affectionate with their families, the Red Setter is an excellent choice for a hunter who is Ok with a faster more far-ranging paced pointer.


red setter.jpg

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