The Pudelpointer:

Pro and Cons


Change my mind!

Contrary to common misperception, the Pudelpointer is not a cross between poodles and pointers. The breed was designed from pointers crossing them with Barbet Pudels that had served as a water retriever for French royalty.  The Pudel’s thick, waterproof coat abetted the earlier breeding results providing the ability to brave the chilliest water. In addition to retrieving skills, the Pudel was cherished for his versatility and his delightful, intelligent personality. Over many generations and purposeful back breeding, the Pudelpointer as we know it today was produced.


My admiration for the Pudelpointer began only ten years ago. Until that point, my experiences with the Pudelpointer were brief and fleeting. I finally came into contact with an available female puppy from a good reliable kennel and I grabbed the chance to have and hunt with this breed. Since my first female I have hunted and trained several pudels’ and I have developed a strong appreciation for their ardent versatile hunting ability and a deep appreciation for their temperament when not hunting. They possess the truly desired “On/Off” button.


The Pudelpointer hasn’t been prostituted in the show ring. Pudelpointer breeding organizations have held close breeding standards and restrictive permissions to proliferate the breed. Because the dog is closely held and bred, the breed suffers from limited availability to the common hunter. Oftentimes folks can wait for years before getting their chance to own this awesome breed. The limited numbers can still produce inconsistency of coat.

 I consider pudelpointers to be among the top versatile pointing breeds. Their hard-charging speed and considerable hunting range can be daunting for inexperienced hunters.  The breed adapts early maintaining a strong pointing ability. The breed is generally hypoallergenic and does little if any shedding. Similar to their other wirehair cousins the breed can be an excellent tracker. My pudelpointers have been great retrievers and cold-water dogs. They are up there at the top with all true versatile hunting breeds.


What might set the Pudelpointer apart is their truly affable kind temperaments. As hard-charging as they are in the field, they are gentle kind affectionate dogs with the family. The pudelpointer is an excellent choice for a hunter wanting a hard-storming versatile pointing dog who has a young family or grandchildren. By nature, they are highly intelligent and although wanting to please their owners, do seek times to push obedience buttons. They require consistent training but are not understanding of any harsh overtones. The Pudelpointer can be a big talker communicating with you through their vocal language.




  •  Among the top of the leader board in terms of true versatility:

  • Point

  • Retrieve

  • Track

  • They are easy to maintain

  • Good all-around hunting/pointing abilities

  • Good in the water

  • Cold Weather dogs

  • Hard-charging hunters in the field/ have a kind affectionate off switch at home

  • Strong prey drive




  • Availability can be an issue

  • Intelligence can cause some Pudels to push obedience boundaries when you’re not looking

  • Will not likely tolerate your cat- will probably eat it.

  • Not a dog that likes hunting in the heat

  •  Not a great kennel dog, they want to be with their family



The Pudelpointer may be your next hunting companion If:


 You are an avid upland game hunter with a variety of interests, such as upland bird hunting, waterfowl hunting and may even like to track. You live in climates with four seasons but leans more to more moderate climates. If you like to have your dog in the house and around your family. It is the perfect dog for serious hunters with small children around, not having to compromise hunting ability for temperament. If you are seeking a pointer. They are dogs that can be in a situation where they aren’t the only dog in the house. They are for the serious hunter/family man.


That is the Pudelpointer in a nutshell, Change my mind!


CJ Steely

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