Don’t Let The Coronavirus Stop Our Hunting Dog “March Madness”!


Let’s Dance!

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As our world distances itself from any sense of normality, it’s time we take back some semblance of tradition. There is no stronger iconic sporting even than the NCAA basketball tournament held each march. March Madness so popular that in 2019, it is estimated to have cost U.S. employers $13.3 billion in lost productivity.


We suggest we renew our competitive sprits and put forward our own version of march madness. Upland hunters generally spend their spring times preparing canine companions for the upcoming fall seasons. Whether field trialing, adding training to an existing dog, or searching for and acquiring a new puppy, springtime is for the dogs.


Below we have provided a 32 dog breed March Madness tournament. The breeds have been selected and seated at random. But before you get too excited to put your favorite dog breed straight through to the championship, please find the following x rules:

1. For those of you sporting a passion for a particular breed, you must remove that breed from the bracket and substitute the breed with any one of the alternate breeds selections provided.

2. Carefully consider each breed paring decision and select the breed most closely meeting your particular style of hunting.

3. If you aren’t familiar with a particular breed, do some research. We have a brief breed summary including links to the respective breed organization and breeders. Just click on the breed within the bracketing.  You may also choose to call the particular breed’s chartering organization(s) and/or a breeder and ask questions. Then make your bracketing decision.

The rules are followed on your honor but we hope that you will provide careful researched consideration for each of your choices. At the end of the day, the competition will help foster a greater understanding of other breeds in relationship to how you hunt and the different breed’s characteristics and abilities. Who knows, you might be surprised with the results once your breed bias is removed.


Once your bracket is completed, please post the winner and runner up in the comments section below. The brackets close xxxx. The results will be tallied and the winner will be published. the


So what are you waiting for?- Lets Dance!

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If you have photos of your hunting dogs that you feel are up to the breed standard, please submit them to: for a chance to have them featured on one of our breed pages!

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