Llewellin Setter

There remains a hunting breed contention within the upland world; is the Llewellin Setter an independent breed or simply a distinct strain of English Setters?


The Llewellin Setter bred from English Setters by an English breeder named Llewellin. Mr. Llewellin's personal strain was known as "Dashing Bondhu" derived from his successful purposeful bred English Setters. While it is true that Llewellin setters were tightly bred and their breeding standards held high over a substantial period of time, no other breed of hunting dog was introduced into the Llewellin genetic line. The Llewellin Setter comes from English Setter blood start to finish. Technically, to be considered genetically different another breed of dog would have had to been introduced. The difference in genotype (genetic) and phenotype (physically observed) levels bred in repetition and with consistency was never present.


Llewellin purists will argue that there was an occurrence of an outside breed inclusion into the llewellin around 1860 a half Gordon setter/South ESk dog was bred into the early Llewellin setters founders breed stock.  However, the issue comes to repetition and consistency of alternate breeding introduction which simply never occurred


Regardless of your viewpoint, the Llewellin Setter is a fine upland Gun dog. Compared to most English setters, Llewellins are smaller with males in the 40- to 50-pound range and females at 35 to 45 pounds.  Dorfman says. The Llewellin should have above-average stamina and a high level of tolerance for warm-to-hot temperatures.


Llewellins stay close to the gun, checking in with their human hunting companions. They are amiable, a team player and have a naturally calmer temperament. There are several recognized Llewellin bloodlines and can still be very different in style, personality, and size. Hunters seeking a closer in working dog Setter breed might want to do their Llewellin research and find the right bloodline for you.

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Thorough personal research is advised