Vizsla Wirehair Pointer (WV)

Wirehaired Vizsla (WV) is a completely separate breed from the smooth-coated Vizsla. The Wirehaired Vizsla or Uplander, breed’s objectives were to produce dogs with heavier coats, a more substantial frame, and better suited for working in cold weather and retrieving from the icy water. Breeder founders infused Pudelpointer, Bloodhound, and Irish Setter blood into the breed.


Wirehaired Vizslas are a truly versatile upland hunting breed.  They are said to possess an off/on switch- in and out of the field. An innately close ranging breed. The coat of a WV is a wiry topcoat with a water repellant undercoat. WVs are a maintenance-free grooming dog. The WV is a naturally good retriever and is an excellent swimmer.


WV have sensitive temperaments and require gentle correction without harsh overtones. 


WVs are intelligent dogs being able to tolerate and love children as long as they are socialized well. WVs are highly protective and are very affectionate and loyal. Early socialization is essential. 


Male: 45-60 pounds (20-27 kg) 23-25 inches (57-64 cm)

Female: 40-55 pounds (18-25 kg) 21-23.5 inches (53-60 cm)


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