English Pointer


Records of the bloodline date back to the mid-1600s. English Pointers are a noble bearing, high tails sweet breed. The English Pointer is electric possessing a nose second to no other upland hunting breed. They range far and big making them ideal for pocket coverts and birds willing to hold under a dog’s point. Full of energy and focus, they are intended to hunt. Pointers love their person, but they will love bird hunting more. They are a true competitor.

The English Pointer is a good warm weather breed and less a colder climate breed. They are extremely tough and will hunt hurt so owners need to monitor their condition. Hunters willing to work with the= breed’s high-energy strong prey driven approach to hunting will love the breed. Not necessarily a strong natural retriever. They are not a strong contender to hunt cold frigid conditions or icy waters.


Males range in size from 55 to 75 pounds and 25 to 28 inches; females, 45 to 65 pounds and 23 to 26 inches.

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