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The Drahthaar

Pros and Cons

Change my mind!

The Drahthaar is an ardent hunter and should be considered among the elite truly all-versatile upland hunting breeds in existence. The Drahthaar should not be confused with the American bred German Wirehair Pointer. Although both breeds find their genesis from the same DNA, the Drahthaar’s breeding has been closely protected by the Verein Deutsch-Drahthaar breed organization. This is a point of contention at times between both breed owners, but it is my opinion that the Drahthaar and the American produced German Wirehair Pointer should be considered two very different breeding efforts. There are fantastic hunting dogs in both breeds.


I have found the Drahthaar to be a zealous, serious prey-driven breed. Drahthaars I have hunted with want to please their owners and look to form a strong hunting bond in the field. They are hard workers and can be readily obedient trained, although they can possess a strong iron will and may challenge a more inexperienced handler. Drahthaars have excellent endurance for long days in the field.

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The historic attention to the breed’s versatility includes not only pointing upland birds but fur tracking, game retrieval, water work, and blood trailing. I have found that some breeders within the VDD focus more strongly on certain traits suiting their hunting needs. There have been times when I am hunting birds with a Drahthaar only to have their attention taken away to fur or other interests. While it is not unusual for other hunting breeds, especially versatile hunting breeds, to start chasing fur, the primal instinct to do so within the Drahthaar breed is extreme. 


The Drahthaars heavy coat enables their ability to hunt harsh wet conditions. They are very tough animals. 


The Drahthaar can be a good family dog but tend to become very protective. The VDD breeding regulations stipulate that the breed must possess intelligence and a calm manner and any dog showing “unwarranted aggressiveness” are removed from the breeding program.


  • Well-bred Drahthaars have excellent noses and prey drive

  • True versatility:

    • Upland birds

    • Fur Tracking

    • Blood Trailing

    • Retrieving (waterfowl)

  • Will seek to form a strong bond with their owner

  • The Drahthaar’s coat is ideal for cold wet weather.


  • Drahthaars are not a good breed to have around if you own a cat

  • Want to please and can readily trained but need an experienced handler

  • May become over-protective

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The Drahthaar may be your next hunting companion If:


  • You can only have one hunting dog

  • You require true hunting dog breed versatility

  • Are an experienced trainer

  • You are looking for a serious hunting companion that can do it all


That is the Drahthaar in a nutshell, Change my mind!


CJ Steely

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