About the Dogs

eXtreme Upland is dedicated to the quality breeding programs of the respective official hunting dog breed organizations and their accredited breeders. We encourage anyone seeking a hunting dog companion to first, do your hunting breed research. The research should include how different hunting dog breeds meet with your current upland hunting expectations of the animal as it interacts with you in the field, with you and or your family. Read CJ Steely’s article, “So many dogs so little time”[hyper link to the article] and go through the Steely matrix guide. [Matrix link] Talk to the different breed organizations and seek out breeders strictly conforming to established breeding standards.

We want to make our site extremely accessible to different the many different breeding organizations. If you are an official from any of these sites please contact us [link] and we will post whatever best facilitates your organization’s needs.

By clicking on your hunting breed dog of choice we have provided ongoing breed descriptions and articles - work in progress- as well as links to the various hunting breed organizations and their accredited breeders.

Anyone may post free of charge in the  AVAILABLE LITTER section.


We reserve the right to not post or to remove any litter posting proving unethical.


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