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The dog whisperer of our time!

Talmage Smedley is the consummate upland bird-dog trainer. His 20-year career expertise is sought far and wide for the unique effective manner he works with the breeds we all love. His intimate ability to reach within the dog’s soul, as he trains, is uncanny. He has bred and trained multiple winners, champions,national qualifiers, and national award-winning dogs. His training and competing successes include pointing, flushing, and retrieving breeds. His passion for dogs has also included training many other types of dogs, primarily in the sporting and working breeds.

In conjunction with training dogs, Talmage schools reining horses professionally. He is nationally recognized for the great success in both his horse training and breeding programs. He won multiple local and national titles, including Utah Futurity Champion, Utah Derby Champion, and the 2009 National Open Derby Level 1 Champion in Oklahoma City.  Horses from his breeding and training programs have gone on under other riders to win many titles, both in the United States and other countries. 


Talmage's broad training experience with many different types of animals and people gives him a unique perspective of how true principles of leadership and communication apply universally. He is a coach and developer at heart; wanting to see every person and every animal achieve their potential. 


Talmage’s in person availability is often limited.  It is for this reason he has designed and implemented a series of online training sessions designed to expound his training expertise to those who may not be fortunate enough to come in person.   The online dog training series is designated as “T’s Doghouse” (

We are excited to present Talmage’s work here on eXtreme Upland

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