Clumber Spaniel (Clumbers)

Clumbers are thick boned heavy dogs designed to push through heavy brush. The breed was popular with British royals, and are famous for their affectionate loving behavior. Mellow and amiable. They like routine and require a learning curve because they are slower at developing as a hunter, say 18 months. They do shed a ton and are a “drooler”.


They have a natural instinct for hunting and are natural retrievers. Clumbers are steady moving hunters, moving on a trot. They prefer a pace they can continue throughout the day. A very thorough hunter with an excellent nose.  They work methodically. To some methodical means slow but that is not the case with Clumbers. Clumbers move at a good pace with energetic determination. Rather than the traditional quartering style hunting innate in most spaniels the Clumber move to recognizable game-holding areas and give areas with less cover a cursory inspection. When a Clumber locates the game, it will provide a brief pause before it pounces to the flush, providing hunters the opportunity to ready a shot.


They are stubborn to train and likely not the perfect dog for inexperienced trainers. They are ideal for a more mature foot hunter seeking versatility and an awesome connected canine companion.

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