Chesapeake Bay Retriever (Chessie)

The breed was developed in the United States in the Chesapeake Bay area. Historically, Chessies were used by area market hunters in efforts to retrieve waterfowl, pull fishing nets, and rescue fishermen. A Chessie should possess a bright and happy disposition. Also, Chessies maintain courage, a willingness to work, alertness, intelligence, and love of water as some of their characteristics


The Chessie should be equally proficient on land and in the water. The breed was developed hunting waterfowl under the most adverse weather and water conditions. Chessies are renowned for their ice-breaking courage. Chessies are tough dogs able to face wind, tide and long cold swims with multiple retrieves.


Chessie’s double coat involves short, harsh, wavy outer coats with dense, fine, wooly undercoats. The coats have a richness of natural oils intended to armor the breed against rugged icy conditions. 


The Chesapeake has a happy disposition, intelligence, common good sense, and affectionate but protective nature. The Chesapeake can turn stubborn and willful if you’re not firm, patient and consistent in training. Chessies want to please but sometimes the breed will take longer to train, due their naturally dominating nature.  If you’re primarily a waterfowl hunter in colder climates - enjoy upland bird hunting on occasion- want a serious-minded hard-working hunter- the Chessie would be hard to beat.

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