Cesky Fousek (Cesky) (CF)

The Cesky Fousek (CF) The Cesky Fousek is an older continental breed that who’s genes have been infused into many other continental breeds. They are wirehaired, and have the beard and mustache. There is a dramatic size difference between females and males.


CFs hunt at a comfortable distance, working at a steady pace. The breed is intelligent and is talented to be able to adjust its hunting style to its owner. Ceskys are bred to look to their owner for guidance. They will hold a strong point on birds, can blood track and are a good waterfowl retriever.


Cesky(s) is a tightly held breed within and without the USA. Breeders look to strong genetic breeding criteria selecting potential want-to-be hunters selectively. There is not a large population of CFs in the USA and oftentimes hunters desiring a Cesky hunting companion must closely network with a breeder in the Czech Republic, even going so far as visiting in person.


The breed has been known to deliver sporadic hunting performance(s) and so hunters should carefully work with a breeder to make certain prospective puppies are coming from proven field-proven hunters.





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