Bracco Italiano

The Bracco Italiano (Braccos) is one of the oldest of the pointing breeds. The breed didn’t arrive in the USA until 1990 so there is limited availability.  The breed is considered a slow starter, a little softer than most breeds but does possess strong natural hunting abilities.

"Braccos can be a good breed choice for the older hunter who has trained and hunted other gun dogs and is now looking for a kind of dog that will naturally hunt hard and close with lots of stamina and well-focused intensity," says Joe Furrow of Shoe Leather Kennels.

A properly produced Bracco should prove tough, adaptable/versatile, reliable, intelligent, docile and easy to train. They are an ideal dog for a more mature hunter with patience and a history of training hunting dogs. Because of the limited gene pool, it is imperative hunters seeking a Bracco work through the breed’s organization to coordinate the best breeder.

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