The Barbet is one of the original versatile water dogs employed in France since the 16th century. Their primary work was hunting waterfowl. Barbets are versatile, active, and very much family-oriented. They are playful, with a goofy clownish behavior.


The Barbets have soft mouths, they excel at retrieving with a long coat protecting them from the wet and cold. They maintain a great work giving meaning to an old French expression “muddy as a barbet". The breed should prove obedient with a very loving nature and companionship to his owner.


The Barbet was nearly extinct at one point in history, and its new arrival on American shores provide for limited availability. If the breed is to properly proliferate it remains critical to work through the breed’s organization, adhering strictly to breeding standards and regulations as well as deploying the Barbet for its original designed purpose(s).

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