The American Water Spaniel (AWS)

The American Water Spaniel club states only 3000 AWSs are in existence. The breed originated from the Great Lakes region of the USA. They were developed as a small game versatile hunter with a focus on waterfowl hunting and retrieving.

The AWS hunt in close quarters, and are a flusher. The AWS should prove happy, enthusiastic, and willing. Genetically they are bred to have an excess of energy and need to be maintained in the same manner to avoid destructive behavior. The breed loves to be trained, excelling when offered the ability to perform a multitude of different tasks.

The breed can have issues with food possessiveness. AWS can be a stubborn mule at times and are known to be a slower developing breed. Because the breed was raised and bred as a pack animal some existing AWS lines are more dominant and aggressive.

Hunters looking for a smaller tighter living space breed, who desire upland hunting versatility, and who predominantly hunt waterfowl, may consider an AWS.

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