It’s All About Our Upland Heroes


eXtreme Upland’s dedicated purpose furthers passion and conservation for upland hunting. We define upland hunting as weaving time-honored upland experiences from the heroes who have gone before us, through you and me, continued to the youth of today. Upland hunting passion is defined as a deep-seated love specifically about family, particularly to the dogs we adore and our consecration to nature.


We see genuine upland hunting roots embedded in a timeless symbiotic companionship between man/woman and their canine best friends. The successful pursuit of upland game is the ultimate realization between such partnerships. Success, however, is understood only through the reciprocal journey and not a destination’s end. Harvesting upland birds is not the mission but rather can be a result of our passion and journey.  A tenderness for the nature we share as humanity and steadfast committed stewardship to sustainable conservation is our quest.


Now is the time for our upland heroes to step forward, carrying the torch from our forebearers to the youth of tomorrow. Our upland heroes are those who dedicate their passion, their livelihoods and their commitments towards all things upland. It is the caretakers of hunting dog breeds, the protectors of habitat and upland bird species. Our heroes are those of us that seek a sustainable upland future. You make every difference!


Please unite with our eXtreme Upland community in the pursuit of an enduring sustainable legacy. Please share your journey with us as we share ours with you, for each upland hunting experience is unique. From the pointers to the flushers and retrievers, to the purists to hobbyists, we must all respect the individual rights of passage. What we collectively share is the love of God, country, family and a tenacious passion for our dogs. We guard a deep-rooted yearning to the upland experience.  For upland hunting to realize the measure of its creation, we need each of you, and every other similar and worthwhile effort. We wish to thank you in advance for your contributions to the various efforts we will put forward, and the encouragement we will need from you to further our collective upland love and passion.


Thank you.



The eXtreme Upland Family