From the earliest of remembrances, Rockey’s life embodied upland hunting and a love for Springer Spaniels. Rockey is sought far and wide and for his training expertise and unique skill developing dogs and readying them to win at the various national field trials. Despite his day to day work being focused to professionally training hunting dogs, Rockey maintains a love for being afield with his amazing dogs hunting right out of his back yard along the Northern Mountains of Utah, along the Idaho border. He has engrained his legacy within his son Joshua, and his grandchildren who follow him both afield and as consummate English Springer Spaniel trainers/hunters in their own right.

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Talmage Smedley is the consummate upland bird-dog trainer. His 20-year career expertise is sought far and wide for the unique effective manner he works with the breeds we all love. His intimate ability to reach within the dog’s soul, as he trains, is uncanny.

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